24 June 2012

Heroes Con, Charlotte 2012

 This was a really awkward moment when the Tusken Raider bumped into that guy with the hat.  The Tusken Raider said, "Sorry, Tunnel Vision" and for some reason I laughed.  It just sounded like a joke at the time.  It's all in the delivery.
 I had a lot of people show up to my "cartooning crash course" where I paced around the room and stammered about cartooning like a nervous Woody Allen.  I gave them an exercise to do and then I projected the drawings and critiqued them.  I told one kid, "don't quit your day job" but he didn't get it because he was like 6 years old. 
Cartoonist Joe Quinones talking to a man who is dressed like... a piece of candy?  is that something that people are cosplaying as these days?
 This is one of my former students.  Super talented cartoonist.  The verdict is still out on his costume skills. 
 Stan Lee!  I dared not get any closer than this. 
 I spent most of the time at my table staring at Jaime Hernandez's line.  I was just happy to have somebody in front of my table. 
 Female Boba Fett.  I'd let her Jabba MY wookie any day, am I right folks?
 This guy Erin brought his entire collection of Giant Robot Magazines for me to sign.  Obviously I refused.
 I found this guy's belly sticking out from under his shirt to be so wonderful and fascinating, I had to take a photo.  FOR MY OWN FILES.
 The "Little Forkers" booth.  I stood there for ten minutes trying to figure out what the fork they were selling.

 Unfortunately the photo didn't capture the little sign that said "cosplay mask $100"
 Jaime gave me this sandwich.  I was all appreciative and then I opened it and realized it was the most boring sandwich ever.  I gave it away but later told Jaime I enjoyed the sandwich very much and thanked him. 
 ooooh!  I almost had a Crisis On Infinite Earths IN MY PANTS!
 Moments later I proposed to female Loki.  (I always carry an engagement ring for such occasions)
She accepted obviously, but on the honeymoon I was nearly gouged to death. 
 The best in the world is Scott C.  He's reminds me of me only way funnier, better dressed, and much more handsome.  I love him.  Someone else loved him enough to pay him in money origami.  Hence the confused expression.  Dustin Harbin is in the background tweeting something I guess. 
 This guy read the entirety of Daybreak while he waited on line to talk to Jaime. 
 This guy interviewed me and Jaime and Jeffrey Brown on his camera.  He had some good questions but I'm worried he got too close to my face.  It's not one of my best features. 
 Sexy Loki is back and she brought Wonder Woman!  I married them both.  I know what you're thinking, it could get complicated, but somehow we make it work!
Our tired hero rests, his lady at his side, cardboard sword upon his weary body.  A weekend of dorking is complete my friend, enjoy your well deserved slumber.

13 February 2012


Nothing Eve, post Mome

27 January 2012

Sneaky Peek: 3.5 seconds of the Nothing Eve trailer

21 January 2012